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Our products are handcrafted

Our products are based on Ayurvedic ancient healing 100x Washed Ghee, traditionally washed and cared for in an uncoated copper vessel adapted to the Western skin types and the overall completely changed environmental changes during the past 5000 years. We do not mix our 100% organic product with any toxic or low quality oil. All ingredients we use are edible and safe to consume.

Using 100 times washed Ghee to sooth psoriasis or eczema, skin inflammation and irritation is common practice. It also helps and soothes burns and scars for this we offer a traditionally created lusciously unscented product which is 3-4 times more concentrated then any other product available on the market. We extract the water after the washing process and store our products in glass container only as the final product attracts and will transfer it to your skin and hence into your blood stream. A cheap plastic container will therefore do no one any good.