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Our products are handcrafted

Our 100X Washed Ghee Organic Moisturizers are for your face and body, with Vitamin E, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle and Antioxidant properties

Perfect for Men, Women, Children and Babies, 100% Organicl. 100 times Washed Ghee not only does good, well managed skin help us to look our best, but it ensures that we can feel our best also. That’s why natural, genuine skincare is so important: we have the means to help protect our skin and to empower it. Our solutions and products are unlike any other washed ghee products, because we pride ourselves with nothing less than a hundred times washed ghee products, so that they are perfect for all ages and lifestyles. Our products are perfectly suitable for both parents and children, making our washed ghee perfect during early life skin care and long-term, natural skin protection.

Ayurvedic Whashed Ghee

Is the cleanest way of feeding your skins natural beauty. It penetrates all 7 layers of your skin with strong rejuvenating properties!


All our products are handcrafted with naturally sourced ingredients that nurture and support the body's ability to heal and stay Healthy. Made in USA

Sustainable Packaging

It is our Mission not to use anything that can harm our environment. Please feel free explore our refill program

Featuring our Most popular Products

Our Washed Ghee is as natural as it can get. An ancient tradition adapted with modern research, turned into our products after many years of research and development.
Fresh View

Fresh View

Best organic eye cream

Our Washed Ghee's soothing and rejuvenating properties will make your eyes relax while at the same time easing wrinkles, irritation and itching.

Luxious Neck and Décolleté Cream

Luxious Neck and Décolleté Cream

Keeps the youth youthful no matter what age

Night Treatment to naturally Reverse time. Very strong and potent wrinkle smoothing that will Give you back a Swan like appearance that you want to put on display

Feel Your Feet

Feel Your Feet

super nourishing moisturizer brings the Nail Spa to your home.

Wake up to a light and clean feel for your feet! You'll have to experience how soft your socks really are after using our cream.

Mama's Tummy Balm

Mama's Tummy Balm

Help Eliminate Stretch Marks before they can Even occur

Applied and massaged gently into the baby belly will not only keep the skin silky smooth, but it will also help prevent stretch marks.

Our products are 100% organic without preservatives and chemicals.

Shelf Life

Shelf Life

Washed Ghee Resources

Our Products are handcrafted with care and love and should not be used for longer then 12 months.
Please do not expose our products to heat or keep it in a hot car. Due to the lack of preservatives and chemicals it might not only loose its properties but simply go bad.

Please refer to the following resources for information on the properties of washed Ghee.



How to use

One of our main Ingredients is clean water. Due to the lack of preservatives, Binders and chemicals, it is possible that there is an occasional drop of water.

This is simply a sign of cleanliness that helps for your skin to absorb our products more easily.

Please apply our products when you are in a relaxed and nurturing mood and treat yourself to a gentle Massage.




Our products are not for everyone. They require dedication and care. They are handcrafted with Love and Packaged with sustainability in mind.

We encourage the reuse of our glass jars and are happy to supply you with a refill delivery.
If for any reason you are not happy, please let us know. We will refund your money as we stand 100% behind our products.