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Our products are handcrafted

Our commitment to reducing the carbon by offering an order refill program. All our packaging material has the lowest possible environmental impact and we have created a special approach to product packaging, which we hope you will appreciate.

We want you to reuse our containers or a container of your choice. Our products are best stored in air tight glass containers and we will add different containers for you to choose from in the near future. The variety of containers for our products available right now could also be used for storage of other items, such as spices. It takes a long time for glass containers to decompose and we would like for us not to contribute to creating extra waste.

We will ship our products in glass container for the initial purchase. The container can get refilled or we will ship our product wrapped in eco friendly paper for you to recycle and refill into a container of your choice.

Lower the footprint is what we have in mind and that we take very seriously!